Have just installed Ubuntu Budgie on a Vintage iMac. Works well but can't get it sleep or screen blank when left unattended

I have only used Linux to a limited degree prior to this, I’m running 20 04 which if I read correctly was the current stable distribution. It is working fine with one exception. The screen will not shutdown after the system has been idle. I had trouble finding the setting but finally did, but nothing I have tired seems to be working. I saw an older similar complaint but the solution reinstall seems fairly drastic. If I do have to do that I will but I spent a fair amount of time getting it configured and adding software and would like to retain the setup. Is there away to do that. I also saw one reference to a newer Distro being the solution but as this will be my wife’s machine I want as stable a platform as possible for her, she is not scared of a new system but won’t be happy if it constantly has bugs that cause it to crash or lose work. Thanks!

Try following this: Lockscreen not working after update to 21.10

We might be having similar issues.

Thank you for the link.

Thanks, will look at that. I wouldn’t be particularly worried on a machine with its own monitor that blanked based on its own control or had an off switch. The problem with an iMac and of course any other machine with an integrated screen is there is no way to turn it off if the software or bios doesn’t provide for it and the software won’t issue the command.

In this case its particularly critical as this is an old machine and who knows how much longer the illumination will last so it stay lit when idle may not just take out the screen but effectively the whole machine. It wouldn’t pay to put a new screen or if what ever provides the illumination is replaceable it might still exceed the value of the machine to deal with it.