Hide useless PulseEffects sliders from Raven

How to hide these useless PulseEffects sliders in output volume widget?

PulseEffects is the GTK+ app that you have installed from somewhere?

Sounds like its doing something rather strange registering additional volume channels.

You probably should contact the author(s) of the app to find out what it is doing to cause this.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes I’ve installed it via the terminal. It’s registering two extra channels per every actual software channel. Is there nothing that can be tweaked in raven to hide these extra channels?

Can only hide those via software changes

I asked the PulseEffects forum and they told me it is necessary to create these virtual devices and recording streams. The only way to fix this would be to blacklist these from the widget in the raven applet.

Indeed. As I said that requires software changes to have a blacklisting capability.

Thinking about this further, the implementation of pulse effects needs more work. If as the author states that these are streams not supposed to be visible then it isnt the responsibility of each and every consumer such as raven to workaround issues. Pulseaudio needs an api or flag to signify that a stream is virtual.

Then all consumers can confidently use that api or flag in their software.

As such the pulse effects team I would kindly suggest needs to work upstream (pulseaudio) to resolve.

I agree, I’ve conveyed this to them.
In the meantime is there anyway to set the default orientation of Output Widget to collapsed at system startup?

no - that is not a configurable item.

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