How to add new applets at bottom panel

How to edit the bottom panel to add new “system applets”? The only option I see is task-list and icons that shows all the apps currently in use. I want a whole new applet function, specifically a GUI mount application, just like on kde. I have the app installed but just don’t know how to pin it. Again, I want it there on all times.

Maybe not the ideal solution, but a possible workaround…

Icon Task List has an option to “Only show favorited”. If you turn it on, you will only see programs you have pinned, instead of all currently running apps. It will still show an indicatior above the icon when it is running, however, which might not be what you want.

You can see this in action. The Icon Task List on the left side of my panel shows all the running apps. The Icon Task List on the right side of the panel just has Firefox pinned, and nothing else.

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