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I have just moved from Windows to Linux and Ubuntu Budgie is my choice. When I tried Ubuntu on my USB, the Graphics setting showed to be Intel HD Graphics 520 and it worked well for my both monitors (Acer notebook and Desktop monitor) also brightness control worked well. But when I installed Ubuntu to my hard disk, the Graphics setting shows to be LLVM6.0 and can detect only one monitor also brightness control doesn’t work too. How can I change the graphics setting from LLVM6.0 to Intel HD Graphics 520 ?


Is this immediately after installation that it is showing LLVM6.0 or have you fully updated and then looked at your graphics setting?

UB 18.04.1 or 18.10 ?

After installation with option to update during installation and not update I tried both. Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

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By install Ubuntu with Linux 4.15.0-29-generic there will be no graphic problems (2 monitors work, brightness control works, language switching works also wifi adapter can be found).
But Ubuntu with Linux 4.15.0-43-generic (nothing work plus can not see wifi adapter).
So I try with other Linux Distro (Zorin, Mangaro) it happens the same.

My guess is the issue comes from Linux installer.

Well found. The issue you have identified is the linux kernel. It is not working with the later 4.15 rev 43.

The only people who can help here are the canonical devs. Please report the issue to launchpad and they will advise further. They will ask you to try a later kernel… probably the 4.20 series and will give you instructions how to do that

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In the interim you should continue to boot with the older kernel.