How to customize Raven Trigger's color and size?


I’ve been tinkering with existing themes and I’m having some trouble with the Raven Trigger applet.

  1. How to change its icons’ color? Sometimes you’d want dark icons but most existing themes default to white. I’ve found the following chunk:

button.raven-trigger {
padding: 0 4px;
color: black;

Which doesn't seem to have any effect when editing the color value (I set it to black or similar hexadecimal values for the sake of the example). I've successfully adjusted the color of all other panel applet icons but for Raven Trigger.
  1. How to resize it? Currently, Raven Trigger prevents resizing the panel below the default 39px on the theme I’m working on. For some time I blamed Pixel Saver, but it turned out Raven Trigger was the real culprit.

These issues must have a solution since Raven Trigger’s color can change on some officially supported themes (from white to grey depending on the theme, say), while the applet doesn’t “fatten” the panel on Pocillo, Qogir, Materia…

Thanks in advance!

Alright, so apparently the applet’s color should be controlled by the color argument in .budgie-panel… like most other applets’. For the theme I was working with, that didn’t work for some reason. On another theme, it was able to change Raven Trigger’s color using this simple setting. As for the applet’s size… I have no idea what controls it, so I simply used the panel parts of themes better optimized for Budgie (Materia, Pocillo, Qogir…) as a basis.