How to get old behavior for drag snap on 23.04


I’m testing the new 23.04 budgie version and found that the drag window behavior has been changed, now when I move a window to the top of the screen initially it makes it take the top half of the screen and if I stay a bit there it goes full screen.

In the last version the window was going full screen from the start. Is there a way to configure the shuffler to get it to work like in the previous version?

Shuffler drag snap can be toggled on/off via windows shuffler control

Yes, but if I turn it off no drag snap works at all. I just want to know if there is some configuration to get the old behavior where instead of drag to top → window takes top half screen I get drag to top → window goes full screen.

The change was intentional to allow the flexibility of half and full tiling. Similarly quarter tiling.

There are no plans to make this drag snap behaviour configurable.

Ok, thank you. I guess I’ll have to go back to double click to go full screen because the drag and wait does not really flow.

I know I marked it as solved, but just to add how horrible this decision is, I’m using two screens to work, if I want to move one full screen app from one screen to another it halves it because of the amazing tiling functionality. All I want is to move a fullscreen app between screens with my mouse and keep it in fullscreen mode.

You do you budgie, but I’m not sure if you’re really thinking about usability.

I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.

Dragsnap was something developed for 23.04 (and available through ppa for earlier versions) to provide the extra tiling options such as quarter, top, bottom, and 2/3-fifths, enabled by default. On 22.10 and earlier releases, we did not have Dragsnap. The edge tiling was provided by the built-in window tiling.

If you want the old way back, you can still use it. You simply open up Budgie Control Center, Multitasking. Enable “Active Screen Edges”. You will be prompted to select between Dragsnap, or the Built-in that was used. Select built-in and you will be back to what you had on 22.10 and earlier. If you use the Shuffler Control settings to disable drag snap, you still have to enable built-in snapping as well.

Oh my god, that’s exactly what I want. I know I explain myself like a potato, but yeah, the built-in functionality was what I wanted.

To me the drag snap functionality by default is madness, but having the old configuration available is enough. Thank you very much.

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