How to go fullscreen?

i’m fairly e-illiterate and am used to f11 being the key to toggle fullscreen, but it’s not what’s used here in ubuntu budgie. i tried to set something using the keyboard section under ‘settings’ (which is nice and quite simple, i easily set keyboard shortcuts for raising and lowering volume) but had no luck with setting a shortcut for fullscreen.
an unrelated subject is that i want to thank ubuntu budgie for existing; i tried installing a number of linices (i.e. linux distributions) and ubuntu budgie was the only one that connected this lenovo ideapad 130s 11igm to the internet.
thanks for the good work

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This is odd. F11 operates as it should for me. Is this on all applications, or specific ones? Also, does your keyboard have a ‘fn’ key that toggles between “f key” functionality and say media keys?

Thank you.

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I have the ‘fn’ toggle going on, but it looks like it can be switched in bios settings (HP Stream).
Fn+F11 works for full screening chromium.

When this business of re-using F-keys was introduced, someone must have felt a great disturbance in the world of computing.

problem solved, and that was about a quick a reply as i could imagine. if i just press f11 it dims the screen, but when i use the fn + f11 i get fullscreen.
thank you very very much


Glad that you are all sorted out. Have a great day.