Which Settings - Keyboard shortcuts do not work (or do) in budgie?


a very quick and easy task for everyone to help out with!

In Menu - Settings - Keyboard there are lots of default keyboard shortcuts. Many of these work.

Some though don’t - they are GNOME Shell specific. What I need from the good folk here is to identify which one’s don’t work.

Conversely there are many options without a keyboard shortcut … do they actually do anything in budgie?

Whilst we cannot hide the entries from this screen - we can at least unset the keyboard shortcut so that newbies don’t get confused that there appears to be an assigned shortcut that doesnt do anything.

How to help:

  1. just go through the list and try to invoke the keyboard shortcut - if they don’t appear to do anything in budgie let us know.

  2. Secondly - change the keyboard shortcut for something that appears to work - does that change still work? If that change does not work then let us know. Why do we need to know this? - because some shortcuts are not taken from this list but are managed separately by budgie.

  3. Finally - for shortcuts that don’t have a keyboard shortcut - set one. Does setting that keyboard shortcut make something work? Let us know which new capability is actually available that we didn’t know about.

To get you going - all the print keyboard shortcuts are not invoked from this screen - only 3 are available and they are managed separately by budgie.


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Hopefully I can be of some help with this. There are 4 shortcuts to move windows to other monitors. I can’t test these, as I only have one monitor right now, but I tried out all the rest and here is what I have found:

1 - Shortcuts that don’t appear to don’t appear to do anything:

NAVIGATION: (I know I read something here about these not working due to the way workspaces are horizontal and not vertical, but here they are anyways)

  • Move to workspace below
  • Move to workspace above
  • Move window one workspace down
  • Move window one workspace up


  • Open the application menu
  • Restore the keyboard shortcuts
  • Show the notifications list
  • Show the overview

2 - Shortcuts that changes don’t seem to work for:


  • Focus the active notification (always Super+N even when changed)


  • Zoom in (always Alt+Super+=)
  • Zoom out (always Alt+Super+ -)

3 - Shortcuts that are disabled by default but work as expected when assigned:


  • Home folder
  • Launch Calculator
  • Launch email client
  • Launch web browser
  • Settings


  • Move window to workspace 2
  • Move window to workspace 3
  • Move window to workspace 4
  • Switch to workspace 2
  • Switch to workspace 3
  • Switch to workspace 4
  • Switch windows


  • Everything in sound and media seemed to work properly when assigned


  • Decrease text size
  • Increase text size


  • Lower window below other windows
  • Maximize window horizontally
  • Maximize window vertically
  • Raise window above other windows
  • Raise window if covered, otherwise lower it
  • Toggle fullscreen mode
  • Toggle window on all workspaces or one

My findings align with @samlane’s with a two minor exceptions:

  • Open the application menu
    I’m not sure if the wording for this one is different on my system but I’m guessing it’s theActivate the window menu [Alt+Space]one and I can confirm this works for me.
  • Show the overview
    This one just opens the system applications menu for me, even if re-assigned to a different key-combo

Lastly, I have a dual-monitor set-up and can confirm that the following work as expected/intended:
When monitors are stacked vertically:
Move window one monitor down [Shift+Super+Down] - WORKS
Move window one monitor up [Shift+Super+Down] - WORKS

When monitors are side-by-side:
Move window one monitor to the right [Shift+Super+Right] - WORKS
Move window one monitor to the left [Shift+Super+Left] - WORKS

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“Activate the Window Menu [Alt+Space]” does work for me also, even when reassigned. However, I can’t make “Show the overview [Super+S]” do anything at all on either of my laptops (HP ProBook 6750b and a Thinkpad T560) even if I change it. Wonder why… I am using the English (US) keyboard layout on both if that makes any difference.

[ alt ] + [ space ] is a bit tricky with Firefox, got to have the right « tempo ». As a general observation, anything related to « window controls » is a bit random in Budgie ( see [fr] https://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=2053607 & https://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=2053503 )

[ Super ] + [ s ] does nothing also by my side. To be honest I had no expectation for this one, what is supposed to do ?

In Gnome I guess it’s the « all running app’s » view ?
Maybe this could trigger a kind of mouse-driven [ alt ] + [ tab ] view ?

[ ctrl ] + [ alt ] + [ ← or → ] changes workspace, ok.
[ shift ] + [ ctrl ] + [ alt ] + [ ← or → ] moves a window to another workspace, ok BUT the animation for that is counter intuitive.
⋅ Either the window should not move and only the background behind slides.
⋅ Or when moved from here to workspace at left, the window should slide in east direction and when moved from here to workspace at eight, the window should slide in west direction.

I am glad you mentioned the [alt]+[space] issue because I noticed that too. For me, it is not just with Firefox, but with a few other programs. Sometimes it works just fine, other times I have to hold down [alt] and press [space] several times to get the menu to pop up.

Alt + Space I’m not aware of before (!) - but I presume you are referring to options like “pin to workspace” etc https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop/issues/1935

Yes, that does indeed look like the same issue I have. That mentions right clicking on the Firefox title bar to bring up the menu, and I have the same problem regardless of whether I use alt+space or the right click method - sometimes it works fine, sometimes I have to click several times to get the menu to show up.

Errr… question.

How do you add a customized shortcut including the super key ?

Here when am trying, [ super ] immediately opens AppMenu applet and therefore is not input into the « add a shortcut » dialog in settings/keyboard/+

Or let’s say I want to create a shortcut for the « windows control » like
[ super (key) ] + [ middle-click (mouse) ]
where am I supposed to do that ?

I don’t know… For me, adding a shortcut with the super key works fine through the keyboard settings. When I press [super], nothing happens until I release it.

The only thing it won’t let me do is use a key combination for a custom shortcut that is already assigned somewhere else. For example, [super]+[h] is “hide window” by default. I can change any of the existing shortcuts to [super]+[h], and it will warn me that it is already being used, but will let me change it. However, if I create a custom shortcut and try to assign it to [super]+[h], pressing this will just hide the window. But if I disable the “hide window” shortcut first, then I can re-assign it.