Custom Shortcuts do not work

Hello everyone!!!

I’m new to the community, I really like the OS. However I’ve hit a wall today.

I for some reason when I can set custom shortcuts they will not work whenever I try, whatever I have set to them will not work.

I’ve tried different combinations of buttons and also have been resetting each time I’d test so that nothing would conflict.

Sometimes (happens randomly) when I attempt to set a shortcut that I’ve done before (even after resetting to defaults) they will not register. I’ve tried a different keyboard just to make sure. However the same thing happen.

I’ve read an article that mentioned I change the input method system.
Originally it was set to “IBus” and it had mentioned I set it to “none”. I’ve also ended up trying XIM however this does nothing either.

If anyone would be able to suggest something else that I may try please do so.

I thank you anyone for taking sometime to help.

Thank you! again!

Hi and welcome.

Which version of Ubuntu Budgie are you using?

If you are using 18.04 make sure you are using our backports ppa (budgie welcome - recommendations)

If you are on 19.10 then thete is an issue with keyboard shortcuts which is resolved in the 20.04 release next week.

Hello @fossfreedom thank you for your response.

I’m currently using 19.10 so I’ll wait for 20.4 release so that I may upgrade my system.

Thank you very much for your time and expertise.

I have an issue with the shortcuts. The GUI shows that the custom shortcut has been set, when after logging back in the actual working shortcut is the default one. The GUI still shows the custom one.

I am running 21.10.

EDIT: The issue is connected to language switching shortcut getting reset after logging in while the GUI displays the custom shortcut. Changed window closing shortcut. It works fine after logging back in.

Don’t think this works under 21.10 since Settings is pointing to the GNOME Shell switch-input-source gsettings key - whereas budgie is expecting a different key.

Think this is fixed in 22.04

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Using Fcitx with its configtool solved that problem for me. Have been using it for a long time before coming to UB this month.