How to make Borderless/windowless vlc?

How to run vlc without any window decorations?

How does this link help to answer the question?

Ctrl+H for the Minimal Interface, and F11 for Fullscreen. They do different things, and I use them in conjunction. You can escape from the minimal interface by pressing the escape button.

Sorry FF, I should have been more implicit.

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I’ve tried the minimal already, but it still have title bar + buttons. And I dont mean full screen either.

Thanks for your response though

I’ve tried those old tricks but indeed, there is always title-bar and window buttons.

Might be easier with other player ( mpv, smplayer, not sure of which one though ).

I have just installed an mpv-based player on my iMac called IINA, it seems to be free of title bar and buttons. Perhaps mpv is the right choice here?