How to Pin .html File to Panel?

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the whole Linux world and am still trying to figure some things out. I was wondering if there was any way that I can pin a .html file in a custom Budgie panel? The file is a .html link to Android Messages for Web (in Chrome - not Chromium). I couldn’t find any applet in the panel settings that seemed to do the trick. Maybe I’m missing something?

Hi Jacob, doe you have your browser pinned to the panel? If so which is your browser? Pinning a separate address with a separate launcher usually isn’t a good idea, since it possibly “steals” ownership from the “real” browser icon. Adding a link to your current launcher is very well possible though.

I do have my browser pinned to the panel, and I am using Google Chrome (not Chromium) as my default browser. I’m essentially attempting to attach a shortcut to the panel so that, when opened, redirects me to the specific website in the Chrome Browser; like Gmail or Android Messages for Web. Essentially the same effect as pinning the link to the desktop, but I’m trying to figure out how to pin that link to the panel instead. I don’t know what that entails as far as launchers are concerned though. Do I have to use a launcher to open links like that in the panel? I’m still learning, so I apologize if what I’m saying seems nonsensical lol.

Hi @jacob. Have you tried to create shortcut from Chrome? You can do it by clicking on hamburger menu, select more tools and then create shortcut while you are on the page you want to turn to app. After that the shortcut will be saved to desktop, but you can move it to home or anywhere else. Once you run it, right-click on the active icon in the taskbar for that app and select, pin to panel.

I think that did the trick! I did not see the ‘more tools’ feature in the menu, so I must’ve glossed over that option and not even noticed lol. Thank you very much! :slight_smile: