HP LaserJet P1007 installation

I am using Ubuntu budgie 18.04.1 on my HP Compaq Presario laptop. From Windows I shifted to Ubuntu first several years ago, and for about two years I am using Ubuntu budgie 18.04.1

HP printer installation is causing a problem. I downloaded HPLIP version 3.19.6 run and asc files latest from HP site but landed in a problem with plugin failed in installation. There was also a problem with downloading firmware.
Help me to uninstall all old versions of HP and do a fresh install.

Hi and welcome.

What firmware are you referring to? You dont need firmware for HPLIP as far as I understand.

Why can’t you use the hplip package in the repositories?

Kindly let me know how to do that.

sudo apt install --reinstall hplip


I downloaded HPLIP-3.19.6.run and the asc file corresponding to it.

I downloaded HPLIP-3.19.6-plugin.run and its asc file.

I installed hplip-3.19.6 first. No issues here.

I then run the plugin file. (Binary required)

It is then unable to get the key from keyserver.

Plugin installation fails.

And it also says firmware not found. (…fw.gz file).

Here I am stuck.

Thank you.

for the laserjet p1007 you only need to use the version in the repositories. There is no need to install a later version.

Details are here: https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/models/laserjet/hp_laserjet_p1007


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You havent explained why you need to manually install. As I said your printer is supported out of the box … there is no apparent reason that i can see why trying to manually install is needed.

Why dont you use the repository version?

Printer does not print after sudo apt install --reinstall hplip.

Dont you have to run hp-setup?

That’s what the link I gave you says you have to use due to the proprietary nature of the plugin.

Yes. Using hp-setup it downloaded the firmware also and prints. Tested ok.

Many thanks.