Printer: HP ENVY Inspire 7220e

Am looking to buy a new Printer: HP ENVY Inspire 7220e. I would imagine the Printer works with Linux. My question is about the Scanner… does anyone here have experience with it? I was doing some research on the “HP Developers Page” and this Printer does not seem to be listed yet. This is the next generation of HP ENVY Photo… (my previous Printer) which did work. Thank you.

this should be the sort of query can help with as well - much wider audience from across all flavours.

HP printers usually work very well on Ubuntu, I have great experience with both USB inkjets and networked color laserjets all in one. Every single function works quite well, including scanning.
Some printers might need HP plugin to enable scanner. You can check here: HP Developers Portal | What is the HPLIP Binary Plug-In and How Do I Install It?

in my case, all I have to do is:


sudo apt install hplip hpip-gui

Setup printer/fax


install scanning plugin


I hope it helps. If your printer is super new you might need to wait a bit for it to be listed, or you can try and reach out to HP support.

Thank you. I’ll probably just give it a shot. Will let you know how it goes.

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Thank you also “ilvipero”… for the detailed instructions. I’m just being cautious, don’t wanna just throw away139€. I’ll report back one way or the other.

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Printer and Scanner both work using Programs provided in Ubuntu Budgie. I connected with USB Cable direct to my PC not using Wi-fi… so I can’t promise anything with Wi-fi. Just remember to prepare everything (insert Paper, insert Ink cartridges, and connect USB cable) before you plug in. When the [URL & Get HP Software] pops up, start the Printer Program on Budgie. Once you are done… there will be a few minor questions on the Printer LED. I opted out of automatic updates and for notifications only. Hope this helps someone? …and now I’m back to my guitar. :slight_smile: