Icon tasks list does not reflect app-state ? ( supertuxkart / 18.04 )


When I quit Supertuxkart, its icon stays highlighted in the tasks lists, as if it was still running.

Happens very often but only with STK so far.

So is it STK’s fault ? Or my system’s ?

I play STK, does not occur for me. Tested Icon task list and plank. Icon fades away when I close the app. So I’m not sure what your problem is

Almost systematic here.

I « updated » my version of STK, still the same.

Sometimes I even have two icons in my panel for STK, the one I’ve pinned/favorited and a second one once STK’s launched.

And when left, I still can see :
Capture du 2020-01-30 01-28-21

To get back to a « normal » icon in task list, I have to launch again STK, and quit it.

I decided to do extensive testing with icon task list on a new user with STK and a couple apps (sorry, forgot to report here). This strange behavior does not occur for me.

However note I am using STK “1.2” - the version from the Git source (i’ve compiled for myself). Here’s a binary that you should test (git master latest), it’ll keep your current settings. Will expire in 7 days

Thanks but ooops now I can’t launch STK any longer :

coeur-noir@asgard:/$ supertuxkart
[error  ] FileManager: Could not find file 'supertuxkart.1.1-rc1'in any standard location (esp. ../data).
[error  ] FileManager: Last location checked '/bin/data/'.
[fatal  ] FileManager: Set $SUPERTUXKART_DATADIR to point to the data directory.


coeur-noir@asgard:~/Logiciels/SuperTuxKart-1.1-linux$ . run_game.sh 
Running 64-bit version...
bash: /bin/bin-64/supertuxkart: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

These suggest my STK installation is now or was already flawed.

I’ve cleaned my mess - I had STK from repo/ppa + standalone STK in my ~/ folder - but I can’t manage to use your file.

( do you play online STK, codic ? )

Hmmmm, strange.

Yes, my username is codic, but I don’t play a lot