Icons are large on the desktop / enormous

I can’t believe I am asking that, as I’m not that stupid but something happened and amde all my desktop icons " VERY LARGE"… If I was within a Folder, I could Hold CTLR and rol the wheel of the mouse

I can manually resize all these desktop icons

But if I create new ones, they are huge…

Don’t know how it happened…



Open Files and zoom out as shown - that will change the desktop icons size

my problem is with DESKTOP icons… Tks for helping


hmm. Anything here that helps? https://askubuntu.com/questions/83099/how-to-change-desktop-icon-size

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I will try to make your life easier and when I think it’s something that could be solved bu looking in askubuntu.com, I’ll do my homework 1st
Tks !

I had a similar behavior when opening Nautilus with sudo from inside a terminal. Maybe that’s some kind of trace…?

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