Infinite Login Loop

I had been experimenting with Anaconda/Python and decided to remove Anaconda from my system. Which I think I was successful in doing, but in the process it seems a lot of things disappeared and my workstation is now locked into the dreaded Infinite Login Loop. In other words, my workstation is ILL.

I hit CTRL ALT F3 and can login into terminal. Ubuntu 22.04 is still there. I did updates and upgrades, uninstalled and re-installed the budgie desktop, no luck. I found the Xauthority file, but I don’t have permission to do anything with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my primary work computer.

Suggest create a brand new account via the command line with sudo rights and login with that.

If you are successful then you know your system is ok and your issue is account specific.

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@fossfreedom, thank you, that did work. On login with the new user, I did get a bunch of error messages about missing files in the /usr folder, and now I am looking at a dialog that is titled “Incomplete Language Support”. I’m hoping I can do an update and things will get better…

Any ideas on how to “repair” the old user?

I decided to create the new user and restore a backup to this new user. I’ve had no luck logging in to the old username. I backup every day, so hopefully this restore will work…in the middle of the process now. Fingers crossed.