Is there any way you can update to ubuntu budgie 20.04 from 18.04.4

I am currently using ubuntu budgie 18.04.4 LTS and want to update to ubuntu budgie 20.04. I know there will be update in july/august. But I want to update now. Is there any way to manually update.

You can upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 e.g. following these instructions. In case you had another desktop than Budgie used before you should be able to install Budgie with sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop. You have to choose either gdm3 or ligthdm during the installation. Dependent on which Ubuntu flavour you have been running before you need to enable the service with sudo service gdm3 start or sudo service lightdm start or something like this.

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thanks I have upgraded to 20.04 Everything is working great but keyboard shortcut of copy a screenshot of selected area/window to clipboard (i.e shift + print/ctrl+alt+print) are not working.

My Suggestion Is Make Clean Installation… Don’t Upgrade :grinning:

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But I am afraid then I will have to install all the software and do other stuff again :confused: :confused:

Finally I decided to do a clean new installation as well :wink:

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Yes Dear, But Satisfaction Is Important… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You are right. But Is there any tool/software which can create backup for my environment variables and softwares so that I can restore them after clean installation.

Dear, I Hope It Helps You

Check YouTube For More :stuck_out_tongue:

May have a look at this thread How can I backup a list of the apps installed via "Software"?

Though a clean install is preferred, I have upgraded Ubuntu and Fedora using the automated procedure and have not had any problems. If you are concerned that the system has been compromised in some way, then I would definitely reinstall.


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This was covered in our release notes. :slight_smile:

EDIT - OOPS - looks like you were on your way. Enjoy the upgrade,

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first of all, I apologize for my request, which is perhaps also due to my too much impatience.

I’m using Budgie-Lx since 18.04 with a great User-experience, so thanks for that awsome UI and Distribution.

It was formerly announced that in July and/or August '20 you can update from 18.04(.5) to 20.04(.1) - which i would like to do.
Just to be sure that it is not on my side because i might have done something wrong i wanted to ask if this update is already available and applicable or if it is still delayed (for whatever reason).

For these reasons i have used the usual suggested methods (ie. do-system-update) but i still have no update as an option.
Also via the software-updater i have not yet received an option to update the OS-version; just the usual software-updates.

I would be glad if someone could tell me if, and if so, when, you can update.
Many thanks and best regards

The latest info is here

In summary, Canonical have blocked the upgrade notification due to two key issues. It does appear they are struggling to resolve hence the unusual delay.

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Thanks for your Information. This makes it a way clearer to me. Will have a look at it. :+1:t2: