Kangaroo Applet with no icons

Hi! I am trying the “Kangaroo” applet on Manjaro Budgie. Overall it work fine but there are no icons for the folders. Kangaroo-No-Icons
Any idea how to fix that?

Looks like you have the dconf setting org.gnome.desktop.interface menu-have-icons switch to “True”.

Odd setting to have on - Kangaroo doesn’t support this option. Try turning that option to False via dconf-editor

I don’t have “menu-have-icons” there.


hmm - it might be then a regression with GTK+3.24.

Its a python based applet so if you have any experience, you might want to have a dig in there.

Lol. No experience at all.
I just thought that I was missing some kind of “fonts”, that is why I opened this topic.

Thank you, I am leaving it as it is. Hopefully some day it will be updated or replaced with a better applet.

hmm - you are right - in the code its a unicode folder character. What font are you using?

I am sorry, I am not an expert, where can i see this?

budgie-desktop-settings - fonts


hmm - I cannot reproduce on Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 with your fonts settings. So I’m not really sure why Manjaro isn’t displaying stuff correctly :frowning:

I had same issue with “lsd” the new “ls” command.
and fixed that after installing recommended fonts:
and after the installation icons were fixed:
This is why i thought the Kangaroo issue should be same.

PS: second picture is after i installed “powerline-shell”.

Fond the solution on Manjaro Forums.

installed “noto-fonts” package.


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thanks. We’ll add that as a runtime dependency in the README.

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