Keyboard layout settings not permanent

After updating to ubuntu Budgie 21.10 (from 20.10 via 21.04), I’m having troubles with my keyboard layout. In fact, my primary keyboard layout is German (my secondary is US English). The german layout is also selected as input source both in the general settings window and in the Budgie top panel.

However, after restart the settings are lost. Although the order in the settings window and the top panel appear to be set correctly to German the keyboard works as it is English. To solve the issue I have to reorder the input sources in the settings (to English and then back to German). Don’t know why this is needed…So it seems that the displayed settings are not permanent(?) Is there any way to check what overwrites my keyboard layout at startups/reboots?

Probably this is the same as this thread … and workaround Can't change keyboard layout - #3 by fossfreedom

So it seems a known bug(?). As I know a work around (shifting order of the keyboard layout in the settings) I can live with it a the moment, and will wait until the issue is solved in Ubuntu Budgie, I guess.