Keyboard malfunction during installation on Asus laptop

In version 20.10, when I run the live version from a USB drive the keyboard does not work. I’m running an Asus zenbook with Deepin installed.

Any advice?

With Deepin installed? are a better place to ask about non official desktop environments.

To be clear, I am trying to install Ubuntu Budgie. My current OS is Deepin. The keyboard does not function when I run Budgie from the USB.

That sounds then like a bug with the kernel in 20.10

It might have been resolved with a subsequent kernel update released after the release date.

If not a bug report should be raised

ubuntu-bug linux

For now you will need to connect an external keyboard and investigate further after installation.

Thanks. Perhaps I will try installing the LTS version.

I installed the 20.04 LTS version wthout any hiccups. It would appear that the problem lies with version 20.10.