Kinto v1.2 - A remapper to have a cmd like key for Ubuntu Budgie

So I mentioned this project in an unrelated thread about the global menu and now that I have rewritten the installer and added a gui app and sys tray, I figure I will make this thread to discuss possible inclusion with the distro? I am hoping fossfreedom will recall him mentioning it.

I have backed out all system level key remap changes out of Kinto, especially for Ubuntu Budgie, but some other distros still require 1 or 2 additions to be made at times, but I do not overwrite any existing hotkeys anymore as xkeysnail completely handles that on its own layer. If the xkeysnail service stops running then all key combos return to normal.

I also did get a patch included upstream for the Ctrl key to be accepted by the Alt-Tab switching so that things will remap correctly, but don’t worry the actual Ctrl key still works for tabbing through tabs on browsers and editors just fine.

The project is located here for anyone interested.

I believe I still need to address at least 3 or 4 items however. If I am leaving something off I’d like to discover that sooner rather than later.

  1. True multi-user support - currently the install is fairly static for the individual user that last installs it.
  2. Fully address any apparmor &/or security related concerns, currently I may have bypassed it by just running it as a system level service without being as granular as I could be on what I need access to. Some instruction is provided in the tickets of xkeysnail, so I have an idea on what to focus on already.
  3. Upstream another patch or two into xkeysnail before inclusion that helps kinto function fully vs using my own fork of it. They’ve accepted one patch already.
  4. Lastly create my own PPA on launchpad to host the latest and to try and get accepted to the official debian or ubuntu repos.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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