Looking for 16.04 budgie-remix maintainers

Although our original 16.04 budgie-remix release is not an official LTS release, the Ubuntu Budgie team know that many of our users prefer the stability that the underlying Ubuntu LTS software brings.

In late Jan/early February will be the 16.04.4 Ubuntu point release and we will of course try to also follow that cadence with an updated ISO.

But we would like to go further. We would like to backport lots of the nice 17.04 and 17.10 changes that were made to enhance the experience for all of our 16.04 users.

Would you like to help out - become part of the team?

Some experience with debian packaging is required - but don’t worry too much, the team will guide you all the way.

Let us know your thoughts and please put your hands up - either here or via our contact-us link on ubuntubudgie.org

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