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Ive been working PCs for 40 years, programming and so on. Been using Elementary OS for the last few. Discovered Budgie this morning, installed and comments:
A feature in Elementary, and most GUI Linux is the function Hot Corners. This speeds up user interface immensely, so can be a very important aspect for users.
A natural method to implement hot corners is Desktop/Settings/Window. Not so with Budgie, this setting is not obvious (from a new user viewpoint), and its not enabled by default, rather available in an applets, which after searching and finally using this helpful forum I found the applet, then had to figure out how to use it, then it needs a restart, then it resides in the tray. I have to ask; why would you leave another icon in the tray that is a set and forget setting? Why would the applet not have maximize, minimize window included in default options?
Spending a bit more time in Budgie, there seems to be several areas which leave room for improvement, and that is not my sole opinion, its expressed by other reviewers.

New users usually have a short attention timespan and when things get tricky for them, is the worst case and most likely cause for non-retention.

This message hopefully will be received as constructive, not sarcastic or otherwise, its my opinion only, and hope that it will be helpful to devs to consider the methodology forward in what could be as good as if not better than Elementary OS. Best wishes, Al.

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Thank you very much for the feedback, Feedback is always a good thing. Generally, anything that is a “default” is something we consider with our community (not entirely on our own). As requests come in we try to listen to what people are putting forward and see how the rest of the community comments. For example if this thread blew up with people wanting this as a default - we could evaluate it. It the thread sits relatively quiet, it may appear that the overall community may not be interested in having it as a default. So we can see where the thread goes. :slight_smile:

As for the features - suggestions again are always good, and PR’s are even better. haha.

Iteration and changes on each applet sometimes are dictated by priorities, bugs and even how many people are asking for it.

But I do agree, having the option to hide the applet icon is not a bad idea.

I have added an issue to our tracker so that we can evaluate it and where it sits in the priorities of 20.04.

Thank you.

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I dont see any reason to make this a default. The whole essence of budgie is simplicity by default with the flexibility to adapt to your workflow.

The idea is to have the hotcorners options and -functionality flexible and at hand at any moment. That is by design.

I am not avert to having such options. Love to see people providing PRs

Indeed. Any desktop will only move and improve with the effort put in by willing developers. I do encourage people to get involved.

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Great attitude, some devs cant take criticism in any shape or form.
Sure, you get the odd character who just wants to complain for the sake of complaining, but generally, its worthwhile listening to users Ive found oftentimes something that was clear as crystal to me, was actually not so great for the user.

Keep it up. There is a big plus in this forum in that users actually get responded to which sadly is missing from Elementary OS forum which they dont have a properly maintained one for product support. Al.


@AlistairG “Great attitude” Absolutely!

  1. Questions on here get answers. Answers related to the question, expressed simply, respectfully and quickly.
    Not arrogant BS from “gurus” who haven’t even read the question and whose objective is to expand their own ego even further and show that with an ever increasing response count. I have abandoned trials of other (nameless) distributions because of that sort of problem.

  2. I have tried elementaryOS a few times. Mainly because the interface was so attractive. Much effort had clearly got into stylistic design. However there was always basic stuff that didn’t work properly, many icons were missing and commonly used applications weren’t available by default and when installed were poorly integrated, which spoiled the main attraction of the distribution - its looks. There wasn’t much support. It improved slowly but still isn’t there yet. I wish them luck, and will probably try it again in a few years so see if they have made progress in the right direction.

For me Ubuntu Budgie is the best Linux distro by far. Functionality, reasonable style, desktop designed for a full-size screen, great configurability, unmatched support, reasonable power and memory requirements and based on one of the most popular distros.


Sure, you get the odd character who just wants to complain for the sake of complaining

Constructive comments are always answered on this forum in a professional manner.

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