Make the computer stay awake

I am using my work computer as a Plex server as well.
Problem is that it goes to sleep after a while and I can not connect to it from the television.
So best wold be if it is possible to wake it up when Plex client tries to connect. Alternative is to let the screens sleep and the computer awake. Will then need a new cpu fan that are a little more quiet, or off when not needed.
Maybe someone have a suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a look at Menu - Power settings. Suggest turn off the options that make your computer sleep etc.

Yep, most easy solution. But the cpu fan is always on then. It is not very loudy, but would be perfect if the computer was dead silent when not in use. Maybe a bigger cpu cooler/fan would solve it.

I read that my CPU is at 33c when just surfing internet. Not so High. Maybe the fan does not need to be on at all at this low temps. Do not know if it is possible to monitor and control it automatic.

Generally the fan isnโ€™t under direct software control โ€ฆ thatโ€™s your motherboard and firmware monitoring cpu temperatures turning the fan on and off.

If this a tower then I would investigate a large fanless heatsink for the cpu.

There are also ultra quiet fans around as well.

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Yes, I have a tower and plenty of space.
Think I head out and buy a big cooler for the CPU. And a new disk for some more storage.