Mechanical Keyboards = suggestions?

Can anyone suggest a (good) mechanical keyboard to replace my Cherry? (for typing) I will be returning “CORSAIR K70 Core”… to Saturn after being told it is Linux compatible. That’s what I get for being lazy & not doing my own research beforehand. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I could be wrong, but it seems to me… the only good mechanical keyboards (these days) are the ones for Gaming. Price is no obstacle. Thank you.

This particular Cherry 200 KC MX (for €89.-) pretty much does the job. For anyone who types with ten fingers… a very solid office keyboard. Unfortunately no stores sell this one, so you’ll have to order it sight-unseen either from Amazon or some other internet business. Another possible choice could be anything from KEYCHRON???

Hello, I used a bunch of mechanical keboards over the years, and there are 2 brands I like a lot: Ducky and Razer.

  • Ducky keyboards are good because they don’t require any software, you can program them directly using the keyboard itself, including RGB, Macros etc. There is an official software, windows only, but some of the latest are compatible with OpenRGB. If RGB and macros are not your thing, Any Ducky model works fine just out of the box. The non-RGB Ducky keyboards are well built, last forever, and are nicely priced.
  • Razer keyboards and mice are super fun because of OpenRazer and Polychromatic. Most of Razer devices are compatible, but they require you to install some software. The software is available for Ubuntu and actually is already bundled within the Ubuntu Budgie welcome. If you want to see how it works, you can read an article I wrote on Front Page Linux. You can see how to install it on Ubuntu Budgie here, and you can check the list of supported devices here.

Thank you… for the tip. I never heard of Ducky before… I’ll check it out. I did have a RAZER €160.- for awhile, with special gaming keys on the left-hand side, that (for me) only got in the way. I gave that one to a family member. The typing experience with RAZER was good, if it weren’t for those extra keys. I’m not really a Gamer; I don’t need the RGB stuff. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anyone to answer my question, so I decided to take a chance on the Cherry. It came yesterday… and I’m impressed to say the least, because not every Cherry is guaranteed quality. Merry Christmas… if you celebrate it? If not, then Happy New Year at least.

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I love my old apple clickey keyboard :blush:

Do you mind sharing your feedback, and perhaps a link or a few pictures? I think more options on mechanical keyboards are always valuable.

As for extra keys, my Razer BlackWidow v3 has no extra keys. Only mute and volume on top of the left side numpad. Palm rest can be removed, which is good as I don’t use it.

Happy New Year of the Budgie! :slight_smile:

Sorry> pictures and review! The extended apple keyboard I picked up for $5 from the used store up the street works extremely well with Linux and has two USB ports on the top of the case. It has a very satisfying click sound during typing. The apple command key works as the super key and there is one on either side of the space bar for lefties and righties. Good stuff :blush:

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more pictures> the keyboard isn’t new, but I clean it with a large brush. I have yet to actually take it apart, but maybe someone else on youtube has?

It has volume controls and an eject button for DVDs.