Meu sistema está instável

I haven’t been calling since Friday (if that’s relevant), and when I called just now, he showed serious problems. First that his resolution was wrong and could not be changed just that, it was supposed to be 1366x728 and now this is 1024x728, some keys fn not answer but others yes, as the sound answer but the brightness not. my sound output is like fiction, and there is no sound like fiction, and I’m without wifi, I’m contacting you for a live ubuntu to be able to use normally. How can I solve these problems? In this point, isn`t recomdable to I reinstall the sistem with a pendrive Texto pré-formatado ?

Suggest boot with an earlier kernel via grub.


Press Shift or Escape immediately on startup of the machine - this will display grub. Select the advanced options and choose the earliest kernel that you see.

How do I access the avanced options ?

I have just the kernel 5.3.0-19-generic on this moment, and can’t turn on my wi-fi to try download any software to help me to download an old kernel because the system just turn off the wi fi

If you don’t have wifi you’ll need to connect via a wired connection and download an older kernel from the mainline.