Missing from Raven?

Play progress/track control position.

Have my doubts that info is available via mpris-d … you can investigate that specification further.

Didn’t want to create a new topic and this title seems appropriate:

Screenshot from 2020-07-04 22-23-21

Actual power options are not shown when I enable this:
Settings | Lock | Log-out

I would expect Suspend, Reboot, Shutdown
Also, I remember there being the auto-rotate toggle… is it still possible to get that one back?
I know there is an applet but I don’t like seeing applets I don’t use very often.

That power strip option is something upstream have indicated will be removed from a future release. So there is no chance for all those options appearing in raven in the future.

Autorotate perhaps is something that should exist somewhere built into the gui. Perhaps a little project for someone to do via a pull request upstream.

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