Mission Control like feature?

Hi there,

We used to have a version of Skippy, however it has not had anyone maintaining it in some time. So it was removed from our install/welcome screen. With that being said, have you checked out the window previews applet? That might scratch your itch.

Thanks for this. I installed the window previews applet, but I can’t get it to work… I really am a noob at Budgie desktop :sweat_smile:

You still need to add the applet from Budgie Settings. After that, you can use them from the two shortcuts I mentioned, or you can activate it from hotcorners :slight_smile:

Done ! Thanks.
In fact it is more an alt + tab on steroids than an Expose like functionality but is but it will do the job :sunglasses:

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Depending on keyboard mapping the alt + ` shortcut is not practical at all :wink:

alt + tab is ok on any keyboard in any language I assume
alt + ` on a french azerty keyboard is not at all the key above tab, it becomes alt + è or 7 which is quite far away from tab key.

Any way I change that shortcut ?

Maybe that should not be linked to the character itself but to the key position ( first letter first row, which is ² here and must be ` on english-US mappings )

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Anyone know if there is something that looks more like mission control? Eg. letting all the apps show up in a nice smaller way? I know there was something on POPos, when you pressed the super-key it gave you a nice overview of all your apps, more like a mission control environment. Because the “preview-applet” doesn’t really give me the same result from what I feel like. It also doesn’t give you a nice overview of the other desktops like Mission Control does (with the smaller windows at the top).

Do you mean something like this?

Not really, I mean something more like this:

So you see all the open apps on the current desktop, and preferably also a smaller window of the other desktops and what they have open. Though I would be happy with just the app overview.

ah - that looks like something provided by skippy-xd - its a package we provide in our backports PPA - no support from the team - it either works or doesn’t work for you.

Really? Is there a way I could install and test it? :slight_smile:

Its been a long while since I used it myself. From memory I think you map a keyboard custom shortcut to the command “skippy-xd --toggle”

You add our backports ppa via budgie-welcome - recommendations or:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports

Then install skippy

sudo apt install skippy-xd
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Thanks, I will test this and see if I get it working.


After adding the PPA, I received a 404 error during update.

A question … does Budgie’s code allow integrating the current Gnome Shell version of running apps/expose/previews? Pantheon, Plasma and Deepin are also very similar.


404? What version of UB are you using?

Sorry - I don’t understand the question

UB 20.04 daily.

Can Budgie incorporate something like, or closer to the Gnome Shell, Pantheon, Plasma or Deepin running apps preview? This would be as an alternative to the current UBudgie Previews/Expose.


ok - the backports PPA will be populated around Feb/March time with 20.04 packages

The Previews functionality (Menu - Previews) is what we will be shipping with for 20.04. No one has stepped up to provide any other variant.

Ok, thanks for the reply!

It’s nice to just hit the windows key or flick to a hot corner and see that full wall of running apps. Previews is a great option, for sure.

I was just looking at Gnome … it’s a wonderful preview layout.

We are considering mapping Win + Tab to launch a permanent Previews - rather than it hiding on a Alt+Tab.

Hotcorners has an option of just this to display previews (if its enabled) when flicking into a corner

^^^ that shows how this can be done with the current software in 19.10/20.04

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Yes, that sounds about right. Something along the lines of PopOS, Ubuntu, etc.


yes I have mapped this, works like a charm :stuck_out_tongue: