Mouse wheel stuck on resize

my mouse is in such a way that it moves around beside me sometimes, and gets unintentionally clicked in unknown ways. ( it slides beside me and i lean on it by accident, or a cat trods on it)
sometimes it will get stuck on resize for the wheel, and i can’t get out of it.
web pages change in zoom when i scroll, and short cut icons change in size when i scroll, but it no longer works to scroll, only resize.
what causes it to stick like that, and how do i get out of it?
i haven’t figured out what causes it, and fastest way to get on with things is just re-boot.

(i sit across a bed with pillows behind me against a wall for my back. i use a black cased pillow for my mouse pad, and when i move, the mouse can fall off the pillow, and get pressed in ways i don’t know in case you want to visualize how it could happen. :slight_smile:)

just happened to me again a bit ago, without any strange mouse button presses.
just scrolling through a chat on youtube when the zoom started changing.
little magnifying glass comes up in the taskbar every time you scroll.
set it back to what you want, click to make it disappear, and it appears as soon as you scroll.
you can’t scroll a page, just change zoom.
and on my desktop.
if you go over to plank, it just makes the icons smaller and larger.
scrolling should do nothing hovering over icons in plank.except change instances running.
i don’t know what triggers it to switch and stay, nor how to turn it off once set.
besides re-boot.

This feels like a faulty mouse. Suggest try another for a while.

thanks for the reply.
hadn’t done it for quite some time.
then out of the blue, 2 times in less than 24 hours.
it’s been months since the last time.
for it’s rarety i’ll keep what i have but keep watch for what i do.
maybe it’s a keyboard button i’m accidently hitting.
it has a fn key to get the f keys to work different media player functions.
and they all work fine too.
i’m amazed at how well it works for every function without a glitch.

anyways, i’ll try and pay better attention to just what i’ve done if/when it happens again.
i’ll change mice if it becomes a continuous nuisance.
more of a frustration in the couple times it’s happened, there is no out until a reboot.
even going through desk settings for icon sizing.
finding a setting and clicking out to finish doesn’t reset it either.
thanks for your time.

hasn’t happened since.
found out ctrl key triggers it,
maybe something leaned on the key and stuck it.
now i know a few more things to check i didn’t know before.
i’m not a keybpard shortcut person. :grinning: