Multiple display issue and dock problem

I’m running on a laptop that I keep the lid closed while in use, my center monitor is connected via Mini-DP works fine, but after plugging in my right monitor via HDMI the OS detects the display but it’s power light flashes like its in standby mode and shows “no signal on the display going into power save mode”. The center monitor is an Acer QHD set as primary monitor, the right monitor is a LG QHD, laptops internal display is a 1080p which I don’t use lid shut. Is there something I’m missing to get the LG display working?

Another problem I’m having, even though the Plank docker is set to be on the bottom of the screen it’s hovering about 2/3’s down from the top and about 1/3 over almost like the docker thinks the display is 1080p. I’ve added a screenshot to better explain.

So updating to the 465 Nvidia driver from the 460 version seems to have fixed the display issue and the dock, I don’t really understand why especially the dock… Now I have another kind of perplexing thing happening. I’m messing with the desktop settings to allow icons onto the desktop and to add a couple of the built in icons. It seems completely nonsensical, desktop icons will only show on my right monitor, the LG 27" which isn’t the primary monitor. One screenshot with icons on primary monitors only, One screenshot with icons on non-primary monitors only, also as you can see the Acer 27" is set to primary monitor. I want the icons on my Acer 27" and not the other but I can seem to get them to show on the LG 27".

Screenshot #2 since it wont let me do 2 in a single post

What settings did you change?

The default dconf settings for nemo desktop icons are


Have you changed these?

A bit out of topic. I think the problem here is what gnome-control-center/displays calls primary monitor ( where top panel and activities sit in Gnome DE ). This is not related nor accurate with
⋅ what nemo-grid-feature offers,
⋅ the « states » of budgie-panel or plank-dock.