My display is gone

I was using my laptop and everything got stucked. Only the cursor was movable.

Not when I restarted the laptop, nothing was visible. I connected to an external monitor and could assess the tty.
Even windows fails to completely boot.
What can I do ?

It could be a failed hard-drive.

Best to use another laptop/desktop and write an ISO to a USB stick.

Then with the problematic laptop boot with the ISO to a live-session
You can use “Disks” to assess the hard-drive.

You can also copy off any data you need to another USB stick plugged into a separate USB port.

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Is there any way I can get this computer back to work ?
( I have Zoom classes, by the way )

And even the live stick is unable to detect the built-in LVDS display.

If your laptop cannot show its display, and if you cannot connect an external display and force a switch to that external display by your fn display keyboard combination then basically your laptop needs repair or replacement.

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