My touchpad/mouse suddenly stopped working

I was running ubuntu 22.04 fine for a month. I put my laptop on sleep and when i turned it back on the touchpad isn’t working. I checked xinput list and the only thing listed under “virtual core pointer” is “virtual core XTEST pointer” (there isn’t any type of touchpad listed). I’ve also tried 10 different kernels and that also didn’t fix the problem. I don’t know what to to do.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330-15IGM
Celeron N4000
PC model: 81D1009LUS

I would boot from an ISO of ubuntu 22.04 and use the live-session to confirm if the touchpad is OK.

If it isn’t this would indicate that its a hardware fault rather than software.

Note though - some laptops have a “switch off” touchpad Fn key - do check that you haven’t accidently switched it off. I’ve also seen some laptops with a hardware switch on one of the sides that similarly turns off the touchpad.

Ok so i tried a live session and the mouse is not working there too. Does this necessarily mean that it is physically damaged or could it be an issue from BIOS?

That would be unusual. Software would not have changed the bios settings.

Yes some laptops have bios settings for mouse and touchpads.

Guess i should try to update BIOS as a last resort. Thanks for the help man