Nautilus, 18.04, mp3 files do not show their covers


I can’t check the behavior on Ubuntu 18.04 default. I just can compare with Ubuntu 16.04 Unity.

There, in Nautilus, my music files do not show their generic mimetype icon but the cover / album art - when this picture is embedded in file ( mp3 can do that ).

In UBudgie 18.04, I only have generic mimetype icons for all music files, even those with embedded pictures.

I LOVE to have pictures embedded in mp3 because thanks to that, my music keeps its face whatever the device or system I play it.

Is this a new « limitation » of Nautilus ? How does this work in 19.04/10 with Nemo ?

I see coverart when in icon-view but not in list-view

I do have totem installed though + a full install - check that ffmpegthumbnailer is installed - in theory should work as well.


Nemo does show the coverart in list view as well - but the icon is so small its impossible to see what that coverart really is. It also appears if you right-click and select properties in Nemo.

Thanks for the ideas. ffmpegthumbnailer was already there but not totem. No idea if installing it helped, as digging further I have noticed something else… under both 16.04 and 18.04.

If a file has more than one . in its name then nautilus does not display the embedded cover art - yep that sounds too crazy to be true.

Or maybe it’s just the fact to modify the name - as I can see some file with many . in their names displaying cover arts…

[ later ] I can confirm it’s the fact to just rename a file that makes the cover art display. Probably thumbnailing runs after each file name modification. Is there a way to trigger that globally ?

Now I am looking for an easy way to replace all the 01. 02. 03. by 01 - 02 - etc in the file names… which Nautilus does quite nicely in 18.04. When it does not crash trying, almost 1 time out of 2…