Nemo settings and nemo terminal (19.10/20.04)

Hi all,

about nemo: rummaging in dconf-editor/nemo I’ve discovered that enabling “start-with-menu-bar” switch I can - finally - see menu bar and preferences/extensions (maybe someone is interested in).

But (here a couple of questions): why isn’t it enabled by default in Budgie 20.04 (and, I suppose, in 19.10)? And more: I’ve tried to install nemo-terminal (as I did with nautilus in 18.04, since I’m pretty comfortable with it) but there’s no way to install it (let’s say) “natively” and also via github/linuxmint/nemo-extensions is possible (it fails with a signature error). So I’ve added mint (tina) repos, reinstalled nemo and installed nemo-terminal (it exists in tina repos) but when I relaunch nemo (nemo -q) and go in menu (see above) - extensions, I don’t see it.

Can someone explain me how to install nemo-terminal in 20.04/19.10? I know that is early for saying something about 20.04 but I’m starting customizing because I’d want to be prepared (once scout, always scout! :smile: ) for next April 2020!


Pressing the ALT key reveals the menu. In the vast majority of cases the menu is just taking space - you never use it. Plus, the menu clashes with the GNOME consistency of most apps shipped where there are no menus visible/CSD based apps.

As to nemo-terminal - sorry can’t help - never used it - I am a tilix user!

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same here :smile: but having a terminal embedded in file manager sometimes fastens a lot my job, that’s why I was asking.


I just remember ALT+Q … just for those instances when you need an instant terminal

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Such a wrong idea… it’s been an hour I’m looking for nemo’s preferences and bookmarks !!!

Damn f$ck#ng CSD trend that pollutes and breaks things even in non-csd app’s.

I’ll remind that ALT trick ( or enable start-with-menu-bar in dconf ).

And since we’re here, is there a way to create (sym)link with Nemo ?
I can see the ctrl+caps+drag’n’drop gesture works but it’s not self explanatory at all…

Can’t find anything related to « link » ( lien in my language ) here :

Here maybe, by editing a script for creating link - how ?

Note : the actions related to cinnamon desktop should be unchecked by default ?

dconf-editor shows nothing related to « link » inside nemo.

How comes I have nothing between

  • Toolbar ( ⋅⋅⋅ barre d’outils )
  • Plugins

when looking in File Management Preferences ( Préférences de gestionnaire de fichiers ) ?

Here is Nemo 4.0.6 on a freshly installed 19.10.

hmm … dunno - that picture was taken on 20.04 (I’m heavily testing at the moment) - there nemo is at v4.4

Your picture reads ub180404-64 bits on QEMU/KVM :wink: wrong label ?

lol - no I am testing 18.04.4 to 20.04 upgrade!

As in 18.04 it was Nautilus as default File-Manager, it can not be a previous Nemo setting that would have survived the upgrade process.

I might find a clue in dconf…


and, guess the question… is there a safe way to upgrade Nemo in 19.10 ?

And meanwhile, playing in dconf-editor with
org.nemo.preferences context-menus-show-all-actions true and false and true
ends in « make link » made available in context-menu - but still no « context menu » section in preferences.

Weird but enough for my usage.

( other question, why is there an /org/cinnamon/ in dconf on a freshly installed Budgie ? )

No - the only safe way is to build nemo 4.4 yourself. PPAs etc for nemo have been built with a different cinnamon stack

likely due to the cinnamon translation dependency for nemo