New icons crashed my system

Did something stupid yesterday :frowning:
Saw a article about new and fresh icons that I wanted to try out.
Followed the article and pasted the icons folder to usr/icons folder. Found them in the iconslist and tried to use them… Bang, white screen with warning that something is wrong…
Can not log in to Budgie desktop anymore. I can choose to log into Ubuntu but the settings for icons etc is not working.
Is it a quick fix to reverse this situation, or is it best to reinstall the system?
I have nothing stored on the computer, so it is not a loss to reinstall, but it would be nice if I can fix it more easy.

probably the easiest way to resolve is at the login screen press CTRL + ALT + F3 to login to a TTY.

Then rename the folder you created - so something like

sudo mv /usr/share/icons/whatevertheiconsetwas /usr/share/icons/oopsthisisthenewname

I did only import the new icon set(folder) into the usr/icon folder and then chose to use them in the icon dropdown list.
Will it work to just delete the new icons with Terminal?
I would think that I need to tell the system to use an icon set that is working instead of the broken?

Deleting the icons will also work - so similar as above

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/icons/whatevertheiconsetwas

Either way - logging in you just need to change the now empty icon name in budgie-desktop-settings to something like Pocillo.

Will try to fix it tonight.
Next time I will resist to do something like this again.

ah … well that’s the fun part of linux … trying new stuff … fix … move on to the next new thing

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