New Performance Gauge and Hostname applets

Hi all,
I created two new applets.

The first one is Performance Gauge which shows a round gauge of CPU/Memory usage.
The second one is Hostname which shows your hostname (or any string of your choice including emojis). It would be useful for those who run Budgie on multiple hosts.

Does someone like them?


Although I appreciate your work and it looks really nice, stats about cpu/ram is for me personally not interesting, it doesn’t give me any actionable info as most systems have CPUs that are idle most of the time.

If you would consider adding storage info, available space left on a certain mount point… now that would be helpful :slight_smile:

Thaks for nice catch @zilexa !
I am working on storage monitoring and it’s actually nice.


don’t forget to post a git release/tag when you are happy with the state of the release. Most distros package on the maintainers recommended release rather than git master.

Oh that looks very good already!
Are you considering to allow users to configure multiple storage locations/mount points?

It’s good looking indeed but this storage info is already displayed in Nemo as an ( horizontal ) gauge.

What is your use case for such an applet ?

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If you need to have multiple gauges, you can put the applet on the same panel multiples times.
As each one has their own settings, you can watch multiple mount points simultaneously.


Thanks, I have created stable releases:

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How do I install it? thx

I have added installation instructions to my repos.
Sorry for inconvenience.

thx. I tried to install all dependencies and it didnt work (using budgie 20.04 LTS). I have the budgie 1.0 + installed but still gave me that error:
"Run-time dependency budgie-1.0 found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake)

src/ ERROR: Dependency “budgie-1.0” not found, tried pkgconfig and cmake"

You need to install budgie-core-dev to resolve dependencies.

I got it to work (after install it and reboot PC)… Thx a lot for the applet :slight_smile: very handy for me. Hope it would be by default installed on next UB releases :slight_smile:

Which applet have you installed? Can I ask what sort of info are you displaying on your panel?

I have installed the performance gauge… I see the memory used by the system but u can select also the CPU and storage.

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thx - seems to be a lot of love the the performance gauge applet - we’ll package this soonish and make it available for 20.04/21.04 & 21.10

all - the very latest v1.2 of the budgie-performance-gauge-applet is now available in backports for 20.04/21.04 & 21.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports
sudo apt install budgie-performance-gauge-applet

This will be made available via budgie-welcome later - but for now - just install the package above.

Pretty things you’ve done !

Maybe adding ability to translate ?

See : 20.04 : missing translations here and there