System Monitor Applet installed but not availble

I’ve installed the System Monitor Applet from the Budgie Welcome Menu, logged out and then logged in, but the applet isn’t showing up in the Add Applet list.
How can I fix this?

There are two applets called System Monitor Applet in Budgie Welcome. I think the issue here is that the second one, the one that has a description that says “Customize and display system information on the panel” installs to the wrong place.

It seems to install to
instead of

Anyways, if this is the issue, you can just copy or move it to the right spot:

sudo mv /usr/usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/budgiesysmonitor /usr/lib/budgie-desktop/plugins/

Then logout and login

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Thx. Surprised. Easy enough fix. Will be fix on the next few hours. Just update tomorrow

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