Newer Nemo version?


now that Linux Mint 20 is officially out,
any chance to have Nemo 4.6 ( instead of 4.4 actually ) in UBudgie 20.04 ?

Or is there already a way to achieve that ?

I have looked at the commit list since 4.4 and to be honest, there isn’t anything exciting there … no must have stuff.

I will continue looking for any real urgent stability issues released since 4.4 to be backported to 20.04… currently there isn’t any worthwhile candidates.

There are : the way thumbnails are handled, and fixes about I/O
→ those could prevent many slowdowns while browsing and deleting files.
Emptying trash makes session freeze then log out

Major performance improvements in Nemo , the default file manager of the Cinnamon desktop environment, also feature in this release. File thumbnail generation, a task which is at the cause of slows down when browsing folders and files, is being tweaked to deliver faster, more responsive navigation.

The solution: show generic icons prior to thumbnails loading. The impact on navigation is said to be considerable. Rendering file thumbnails in Nemo now happens after all the files have loaded into view.

No. That is hype.

The performance issues are still there, just not immediately on first load.

The fix should be to manage the number of thumbnails. You probably see more fixes in this area as it is refined.