No Background on Login Screen

Good question, I’ve tried your method with D’n’D on gnome-settings background, picture tab, and as you I can’t find my pictures for the moment…

Ok ! With drag and drop, it ends up in :


I’ve found the answer in dconf editor /org/gnome/desktop/background/

Edit, later : and while using that picture from ~/.cache… as desktop background it no longer appears on login-screen :-/

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And I think I’ve found out why !

It seems by default the rights on folders


don’t give file acces to others !

So make sure those folders « let » root [ edit : it’s not root user but lightdm user ] read their content by chmod -R o+rX ~/.cache

Then you can even replace the original folder backgrounds by a sym-link of same name ( and with those right rights ) to any of your personal folder containing wallpapers pictures :wink:

So now in « parameters / backgrounds / pictures tab » are displayed my wallpapers from a subfolder in my ~/Pictures folder.

Back at it again this morning.


I simply deleted the cache file(s), now I only have single copies of the images I D’n’D to the tab: those that I copied from the original folder to ~/Pictures.

Nice ! But remind that lightdm may not have access to these pictures ( in case you’d want to use the « user’s background » option ) unless you modify permissions on these folders.

I am as stubborn as Gnome is irritating sometimes, lol.

I can’t understand why it’s not possible to browse the whole Pictures folder ( and, so, its sub-folders ) straight from gnome-control-center.

But thanks to your question I now have a workaround :wink:

…and of course, it has changed between 18.04 and 19.10…

So now your personal pictures will fall into
So you may replace this folder by a symlink to one of your personal folder where are stored your own wallpapers.
You’ll then have the choice between those and the by-default ones, which is nice.

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