Possible to change login background?

Is it possible to change the background for the login screen (not the lock screen)? If so, where/how do I do that? Thanks.


From the Menu - Login WindowLogin%20Window_113


Got it, thanks again.


this is not a reply but a question on same topic: don’t know why (i promise i won’t work evermore on my pc after midnight: if you only know what I’ve done las week … :cry:) but on three users I have in it, just on mine, login screen has become black.

Looking into Menu, Login Window, nothing is changed, is exactly the same as is for other users; same thing if I check via dconf-editor or dconf in terminal. I’m pretty sure that’s matter of some rotten file in my home because if I log in as other user, rename my home dir, delete my user and re-create it, as soon as I’m on login screen I see the correct wallpaper as other users. But logging in as other user and renaming new home dir to something else and old home dir back to username-home, at login I find again a black screen.

Oh, it isn’t so crucial, I prefer a black login screen than copying .ssh, .gnupg, .config/this_and_that, .local/this_and_that in to new user but … any idea?


Encrypted home folder? That’s the only time I’ve seen that happen when you try to set a wallpaper that is not in a folder that slick-greeter can see.

I presume wallpapers are fairly standard .jpg images? Nothing strange like a tiff file?

No. I prefer to keep directories not encrypted and it seems that it isn’t a wallpaper (at least not known one). Notice that in Menu - Login Window background colour is set to black (as for every other user) and that changing background is useless; it seems as if OS can’t load wallpaper. That’s why I was referring to a rotten config file in my home, but … who knows what it is?

I think that I’ll keep the black login window: better a black login window than wasting a couple of hours copying config files from a backup to a new user home!

Add-on: I’ve right now done a grep -i -r for “Xplo_by” in /home/myUser and found only 4 binaries in .local: .local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite, .local/share/zeitgeist/fts.index/position.glass, .local/share/zeitgeist/fts.index/postlist.glass, and .local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite-wal but obviously editing them wit vi has been useless.

I searched for the setting here, expected it to be in Budgie Desktop Settings or Settings.:thinking:
It may be easier to integrate “Login Window” to Settings Menu to have all settings in one place.

Integration will have to wait until a future version of budgie desktop that could allow extensions.

For now this will remain a standalone app

If you cannot find Login Window in your menu then check that you have the package lightdm-settings installed