/usr/share/backgrounds images not included in change background

Can someone check this out please I would expect any images in that folder and/or budgie to be selectable.

I am having the same issue. After the yesterdays dist-upgrade. I added my selections into the set the background and lock screen. I was testing over the past hour or so. I have noticed that If I select the stock images, for both background and lock screen all work. On reboot, however the boot screen after a reboot, showes the stock Budgie image. Lock screen works and the background works as intended. I can change my added pictures and all work. But when I reboot budgie, the background goes back to the stock background in login page.

I’ve done a fresh 20.04 UB install just now - full up-to-date and I’ve tried to follow your instructions but all is well on the login screen

Nice image on yours. But the issue for me is different; as described none of the added images are visible when ‘change background’ is selected. I suspect its the directory they are in, but dont know for sure.

Do you mean you have manually added images to /usr/share/backgrounds?

Yes, that and tried /usr/share/backgrounds/budgie

You have to tie the images you added in that system location to a file like this /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/budgie-xenial-wallpapers.xml

Thanks, sorry I should have Google’d

Easier way → No Background on Login Screen