No display on Ryzen 2200G

I am trying to install Ubuntu Budgie on my computer running a Ryzen 2200G and I get the main GRUB screen but no display after choosing the install option. How could I fix this?

Hi and welcome.

Sorry I dont have any experience with your setup.

I found this which has suggestions you should try

You might also want to check the latest 19.04 daily iso … it will have the latest graphics and kernel so should help as well.

:ok_hand: I will try that, I have an older image

First thought - does that card have a driver in the Kernel. My buddy has the new AMD VII GPU, and he needs a bleeding edge kernel for it to work properly.

He went down the road of using Ukku - but this leads you into the land of unsupported configurations (by using the mainline kernel).

But as @fossfreedom mentioned - the daily of 19.04 has a very recent Kernel. 19.04 comes out in April and that would put you ina supported configuration.

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