No 'gear' in Rhythmbox?

I had Rhythmbox latest version installed the other day.
My music (about 7000 titles) is placed in the Music folder.
I want to import all songs to the Rhythmbox, and I understand that it has to be made through the ‘gear’ to the right in the Rhythmbox window. But there is no such gear to be seen in the window… How or what do I have to do to import the music to Rhythmbox?

There is a bug in the current version of rhythmbox that prevents you directly importing more music.

This will be fixed on a couple of weeks

In the interim, choose preferences plugins and disable the alternative toolbar plugin. Restart the app.

Click view source toolbar and then you will see the import button to import more music

Thank you very much for the answer!

I believe there is another way to get around the problem as well. A friend of mine made some ‘research’ and found out this way;
Open the app.
Click on the ‘3 lines’.
Choose Preferences.
Choose the tab Music.
In Library location one can change from where the app search for music files to import. So choose the location where the music is located.
Click the square right under and then it’s done.

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nice find!

Not very obvious though - but good that there is a workaround.

I’ve just approved the fix and it should start to rollout sometime next week (hopefully)