Not able to Purchase a Mug

Hey people, gr8 job on Budgie, I was so impressed I decided to buy a mug. Followed the links to get one and OOPS!! see below…What The Heck??

Order Cancellation Notice
We’re unable to process your order.
Hello G**** S*****,
Thank you for your recent order: 1315*****************.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order. The designs are in conflict with our [content guidelines]

As a result, the following items cannot be produced:

|Ubuntu Budgie Mug||Title: Ubuntu Budgie Mug
Result: Not Approved
Content Notes: This product contains a design with an image of Ubuntu that may be trademarked. Zazzle is not currently licensed to offer merchandise for this particular brand. If you are interested in purchasing officially licensed merchandise at Zazzle
| — | — |

Thanks for letting us know - I have contacted Zazzle and posed a “why” question. Hopefully we will receive a satisfactory response in the next few days.