Notification Badges on Icon Task List Applet

In the online technology magazine How-To Geek I read an article today on How to Show Notification Badges on Taskbar Icons in Windows 11. Just like the icons displayed on Plank under Ubuntu Budgie, the taskbar icons in Windows 11 can include little red notification badges that show the number of unread messages in an app.

Since I have recently developed a preference for the Redmond layout on Ubuntu Budgie and therefore use the Icon Task List applet, I wonder if the Icon Task List applet is also capable of displaying these little red notification badges. Unfortunately, I did not find any information about this in the Budgie Desktop Settings, so I assume that this possibility does not exist. Is this true or am I wrong in my assumption?

Currently not possible.

Upstream has marked this as an enhancement and it is waiting for someone to contribute a fix for this.

Thank you very much for the quick reply, David.

Well, that’s a pity, of course, but I can also live well without these notification badges. :relaxed:

They’re still very nice though. I remember having them in Unity and for a short while in Dash-to-Dock (for Gnome). It’s just a different on a different scale of cool (and useful).

Of course, as for Dash-to-dock, it seems quite hard to implement properly. So, yeah, it would need some stepping up and time investment.

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