[SOLVED] Launched applications don't show up in Panel


Hi There , I just installed Ubuntu Budgie some days ago and didn’t worked so much but tried much to fix this but failed … Since first moments of installation I run some of apps and none of them show up in Panel … I want to use Panel alongside Cairo Dock ( which I will install , but firstly I want fix this )

Any Help Will Appreciated

Go to budgie settings and for your panel click the + button.

Add the icon-task-applet

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Thank You , Sir
It worked . But can I ask some things else ? Is there any way to Icon Task List also show Preview of Windows’ content ? Just like Cinnamon and Windows ?
And I don’t like Panel always be shown so I set it to both Auto and Intelligent , But when I’m on a window ( maximized ) and move my mouse pointer to the bottom of screen , Panel doesn’t show up … Is there any way to doing that ? Thanks a lot

The max window issue is a known problem upstream when the panel is at the bottom.

It works when the panel is at the top

If it gets fixed by upstream we will backport the fix.

The current icon task list applet does not have previews. This is something upstream may consider in a future version of budgie.

There is also something called dockbarx that has this capability. It needs a bit of work reworking it but it could be used as a basis of a future applet.

If someone wants to develop this I can give more details.

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Thanks a lot
And sorry taking Your time , Sir
How can I change icons of applications in Panel ? Not System Tray , Applications . I love to make it beautiful … Is there any text-based file to edit it ?

Icons displayed are defined by your icon theme. You can install new icon themes then on logout and login you can set which theme you want via budgie settings.

Have a look at menu - budgie themes. Click on the pictures. If you see and icon theme you like you can install and the theme app will set this for you.

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Not like that , But it’s OK
I use my custom icons on apps in Cairo Dock and Cinnamon . Wishing Bests for You and Solus team and Budgie future … Budgie and Cinnamon are so Lovely …