Notification position on 22.04

Extremely nit-picky issue, but perhaps I’m overlooking a simple fix…

Since upgrading to 22.04, my notifications (which I’ve set to appear bottom-right) are now appearing a distance up the screen, instead of neatly in the bottom right corner like before.

I can’t see any other settings other than the one to pick which corner they’re on.

Any ideas?

I would raise this on the upstream tracker so that has more visibility.

Sure, thanks, I will do this.

In the meantime, if anyone else notices this and finds the fix, let me know!

Please raise a bug report on launchpad and we will first verify that the upstream fix is suitable for a backport to 22.04 before going through the stable release process.

ubuntu-bug budgie-desktop

Please note that you can now test the proposed upstream fixes by using this daily PPA

Let me how you get on.

Note we need that launchpad bug report together with your help to release this officially.

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t notice the notification!

I did go ahead and raise that bug and it looks like it was fixed:

I’ll try to get a free evening to test the fix as you describe.