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Turn off notifications


Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 with HP printer installed (hplib). Is there any way to turn off printer notifications, have all notifications turned off but still get printer popups.



Configurable notifications is something not currently available in budgie.

There is a very recent commit upstream that allows you to turn off all visible notifications - but that has not yet been formally released by upstream.

This is probably an area we may look at for the next development cycle. If anything in this area is formally released, we will look to see if it is suitable to backport as a microrelease for the 18.04 LTS.


Thank you David. FWIW, I stopped looking at ubuntu bodgie at 17.04. IMHO, it just had too many problems to be used as a daily driver. Well, 18.04 is a big improvement. I now have it on one of my systems used daily. The only gotcha I have found to date is that notification popup. Backporting is would be nice :slight_smile:


Google around and check online. If it’s based off the Gnome notifications, there may be some config or other files you can alter, but don’t take that to the bank… If it’s not, then never mind… :slight_smile:


Boy this printer popup is annoying. I suspect its hard coded in the Bodgie WM. Seems like it should be turned off by default since you get the same thing in the Notifications applet. Such glaring problem for an otherwise very solid release.


@makitso this works? https://askubuntu.com/questions/918462/ubuntu-17-04-printer-added-notifications-under-gnome


I am sorry to say that it did not work. Nor did sudo systemctl isable cups-browsed.service have any impact.


I’d love to see this in a future release.


We’ll make it a priority to see what is possible.

If anyone wants to help out then we can make this available to all budgie desktop users sooner rather than later. Please shout if you are interested and we will try to get you going on compiling eta budgie desktop