Application notification popup's "View" button does nothing

I have an issue with application notifications with my ubuntu budgie 18.10 (upgraded from 18.04). When any application notification popup appears, there’s a “View” button, that does nothing when being clicked.

For many months I though that this is actually a “feature” (limitation) of UB - ie. that opening/focusing the target app of notification is not possible… But today I realized that this functionality works without a glitch on his Budgie 18.10.

So I guess something must be broken in my installation. Could anyone here please give me some ideas of what to check? Some missing/broken packages perhaps? Missing configuration? Logs to check? Any ideas welcome!

In case anyone hits similar issue:

I found out that when I create new user and log in using that freshly created user account, notifications work just fine. So I backed up the ~/.conf folder of my original user, tried logging as that user -> and notifications work fine as well. After that, I copied back config folders for apps I actively use, reconfigured a few things in budgie and everything is fine now. No idea what was the root cause of that issue, but this workaround seems to work nicely.

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