Turn off notification for Printer Alerts

I have been kicking around 18.10 and its looking very good!! But, there is still one thorn and that is printer alerts. I know from previous discussions you have pushed this up stream. Is there any way to hack something to completely disable alerts?

Is this tracked upstream as an issue?

With the new notifications stuff yes it should be possible to hook something in. But first the issue needs an entry to work from on the github tracker

I posted on April 23 - Turn off Notifications. I was under the impression that you sent the issue up to the Solus group

Generally no we don’t file feature requests upstream - usually advise everyone to do so themselves so that upstream can ask questions and get clarifications from those that have a particular interest.

If we didn’t advise you at that time then apologies

I opened bug #1788721 on Ubuntu Budgie’s bug list

Upstream in this case is

Thanks David, I fired up my Solus machine and submitted the bug.

Can I just double check - I presume you’ve checked that this dconf value is set to false?

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.print-notifications active false

Sorry, changing gsettings had no effect, still getting two popup alerts per printed page.

Discovery :grinning:

If I click on the panel notification icon and then click on the bell, I believe it turns notifications off.
Now, if I print there are no notifications.

The bad news is that on reboot, notifications are again turned on.

@makitso trying to catch the changed dconf value, but what panel notification icon are you referring to? I only see the bell.

hmm - need to have a look at why notifications are turning on again. Doesn’t sound correct.

@vlijm - this is new capability available in the upcoming budgie-desktop v10.5 that allows you to surpress all notifications - this is the bit of the code I was separately showing you that could be enhanced to individually surpress notifications.

@fossfreedom Ah, sorry, silly, I probably should have read the previous posts.

From the above report upstream says that it is intentional that global notifications are reset on reboot.

If it is (re-) set by dconf, doesn’t dconf watch / show anything on disabling it? If so, we can add a startup command.

Currently no dconf controlling code. It looks just to be a button with just a connected event that does not save itself anywhere.

From the brief comments made by upstream they are not themselves going to connect to dconf.

I am ok to hold a local patch ourselves. Just need someone wonderful to create a patch…

budgie-desktop v10.5 made the following tweak in this area for notifications - think it will work for 18.10

open dconf-editor - com.solus-project.budgie-panel

edit spam-apps to have the following v10.5 values

'Spotify', 'Lollypop', 'budgie-desktop-nm-applet.desktop', 'lollypop.desktop', 'gnome-power-panel', 'gnome-printer-panel', 'nm-applet'

Doesn’t appear to work with budgie-desktop v10.4 on 18.10 ??

I just logged out and in, should I reboot?

Edit: No difference after rebood.